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If you don't know your customer demographics and actionable information, we can assist you.

Data Appending can be seen as a process of refreshing a database by locating & adding (appending) the missing bits of informational values to achieve a database that is exhaustively rich in data points and as complete as possible.

Data Appending Services can include sourcing & adding information like email or postal address, contact no., etc. as well as demographic details like marital, asset ownership financial status, etc.

Primarily, data appending is done for two types of target data lists:
1.  B2B - Business Data Appending
2.  B2C - Consumer Data Appending

B2B Data Appending is relatively difficult to curate as these lists contain information which has a high turnover rate due to the dynamic nature of commercial environments. There are plenty of reasons for this being the case, namely offices can shift from one location to another, employees moving to another organization, change in website domain & organization names.

B2C Data Appending has benefits of adding more potential in your existing database as enhanced info for each contact can increase your ability to personalize & efficiently target your marketing efforts resulting in an increased customer conversion. Also, your communication can become increasingly relevant when you have a larger set of information about your contact list. The end result, your contact sees communication from you that are highly relevant to their taste or need, thus an increased chance of transacting with you.

How Can Breit Interactive help you?

Our proprietary big data technology, matching algorithms and confidence scores allows you to select specific profile information from our largest consumer repository. So, whether you are gathering missing information or attempting to append email or phone number or age, gender, marital status, family size, location, education, salary status, or needs and interests, we can confidently provide such information to assist you in understanding your customers better. We can also scrub bad email addresses and DNC phone numbers.

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