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Breit Interactive team assist you in your email list building, with relevant customer contact information and needs.

In today’s competitive world Email Data Validation is needed due to large amount of spam in email marketing. We need to make sure that the data we are using we are using is clean so that we can get the most out of our email marketing campaigns.

What will happen if the email list we have are not validated form time to time?

If you don’t do Email Data Validation on a timely basis then all our email marketing efforts go in vain. Just Imagine if we send emails using our domain and most of them get bounced due to old, inactive emails in our lists. Then our Brand Reputation with our website ranks will get hurt. So Email Data Validation is a must if you really need lead generation for your business.

Our advanced technology allows us to clean the data at source, validated and appended with demographic, behavioural and psychographic information from other authenticated sources. Hence we will be able to assist you with superior opt-in, qualified and scalable Email Data Validation program for your business.Our many customer centric portals built for many specific needs of the business can assist you in signing the right type of leads to your business in the least painful way.

What you will get from our Email Data Validation services?

  • Email Address Validation
  • Data Appending
  • Email List Building
  • Lead Generation
All this with a topping of lead generation. So we can help as a one stop solution for all your lead generation needs.

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